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OIP Dragline Improvement Programme for Anglo American Dawson Mine 2020

OIP Recently completed the implementation of the OIP Dragline Operational Improvement Programme at Anglo American Dawson Mine over 6 months. Improvement was 10% above forecast with cost to Anglo 3% of the profit earned (half of which was at risk if targets were not met). Win Win.

Dragline Improvement Programme

HR maybe involved in some difficult parts of the business but you should always keep them spending the majority of their time on positive culture reinforcement. (Click below to start video)

David O’Rourke

David O’Rourke is the Managing Director of OIP Pty Ltd and he is currently working on Improving Shovel and Excavator Operator Performance at Los Bronces Copper Mine in Chile for Anglo American (8% payload increase achieved to date with Operator Improvement Programme in 10 months). Prior to this a 10% increase in Dragline Performance was achieved at Dawson Coal Mine for Anglo American in 6 months.

Previous work includes confidential Joint Venture discussions between BHP and a major JV partner, management of largest Nickel Mine in Australia and review of Nickel Sulphate plant construction. Prior to commencing with OIP Pty Ltd, David worked for over 10 years as General Manager and Site Senior Executive at Four Large Coal Mines in Qld and NSW. During this time David was Director of 6 operational subsidiary companies of a major listed mining company which included leading Major Joint Ventures with Mitsui, Posco, Nippon Steel, Hyundai and Daesung.

David has lead major customer discussions with NSC, KSC, Tohuku, HEPCO, Toyama, CSEnergy, QAL, CAR, MacGen, Kyushu, BHP Mt Arthur. David has lead 13 EBA negotiations with CFMEU, AMWU, and CEPU and has lead community relations with Banana Shire Council, Isaac Shire Council, and Muswellbrook Shire Council.

Prior to this David was Mining Manager, CHPP Manager, and Highwall Mining Superintendent. He has worked for majors such as BHP, AngloAmerican, RioTinto, and Peabody as well as for small companies, and has over 30 years of experience in the Mining Industry.

He is qualified in Mechanical Engineering, GeoScience (Mineral Economics), Surface Operations Management, Mining and Mineral Engineering, and Management (Frontline Leadership). David has statutory qualifications in Site Senior Executive, Supervision, Safety Systems, and Risk Management Systems. David has completed courses in Quality Management, Environmental Auditing Mediation, and Continuous Improvement.

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Can you keep a mine running and construct a $1.3B expansion Safely. Yes you can!

Dawson 2006 – A big year for Safety and Construction Whilst keeping a mine running!

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Want to add $50m to your bottom line – Start with the mine plan!

When people ask me what is the best way to make a major impact on a mine my answer is always start with the mine plan. If you know where to look you can identify options that will add value through prudent changes to the configuration, timing and matching of equipment to the mine plan whilst increasing its resilience and providing options.

Have a look at a few days work at a Central Queensland Open Cut Truck Excavator Mine. The target was $50m additional cash and with this plan (and the followup work and correct implementation) it was comfortably achieved.

Truck Excavator Mine H1 2016 Improvement Options

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