How we work

OIP Pty Ltd is committed to

1. Assisting our Clients to complete the projects that they have identified to improve their business. Clients include BHP and Anglo American

2. Providing our clients an insightful and practical view of their business that will help them realise greater cashflow. Our target is 100 times return for opportunity identification and 20 times return for implementation.

Identification – $10,000 targets $1,000,000 opportunity and $200,000 targets $20M opportunity.

Implementation – $10,000 targets $200,000 return and $200,000 targets $4,000,000 return and $1M targets $20M return.

3. Providing capability in Mentoring, Relief Management as well as Open Cut Coal Site Senior Executive relief and contract positions

Example Value Add Projects Implemented include:

$12M profit improvement in Dragline Operations for Major Mining House using 6 month operational improvement programme

Confirmation of pathway for Refinery Improvement of 20% above record tonnage for Major Mining House

Confidential review of Mining and Royalty arrangements for Major Mining House

Identification of Open Cut Coal Mine Plan 9 month improvement of $70m (pre OIP Pty Ltd)

Reduction in Drill and Blast Costs by 30% (pre OIP Pty Ltd)

25% increase in Dragline Production (pre OIP Pty Ltd)

Identification of 6mbcm short haul dump saving +$6m haulage costs (pre OIP Pty Ltd)

Implementation of programme to change pit design and lower strip ratio by 25% (pre OIP Pty Ltd)

Implementation of programme to identify two additional years of Mine Life (pre OIP Pty Ltd)

And Many Many  More

Dozer push replacing Hauled dirt – Callide Mine

OIP Pty Ltd

Value Creation for Mining, Technical Services, Maintenance and Processing

Accident and Incident Investigations and Statutory Relief SSE

Mentoring of Senior and Junior Personnel

Fixed Price quotes for Reviews, Identification of Value Creation Opportunities and Investigations

Practice Areas


Identify and Implement Improvements in:

  • Dragline
  • Shovel and Excavator
  • Drill and Blast
  • Coal/Ore Mining Practices and Losses
  • Equipment Utilisation
  • Control Process and Short Interval Control
  • Cost Reduction


Identify and Implement Improvements in:

  • Maintenance Work Control System
  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Defect Repair and Backlog
  • Reliability Centred Maintenance System
  • Work Quality, Standards and Controls
  • Budget Control and Value
  • Stores and Purchasing System
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Cost Reduction

Safety and Mentoring

  • Relief Site Senior Executive
  • Incident Investigations
  • Mentoring of Senior and Junior Personnel

Stop the mine safety intervention for all personnel on site – Enough is Enough Dawson Mine

Safety systems ensured this wall failure didn’t cause damage or injury to the Highwall Mining Team.

Technical Services

Identify and Implement Improvements in:

  • Mine Plan
  • Mine Schedule
  • Dig Methods
  • Haul Distances and Elevations
  • Material to Equipment Allocation
  • Resource Maximisation
  • Value Accretion
  • Cost Reduction

Processing And Handling Plants

Identify and Implement Improvements in:

  • Yield
  • Blending Options
  • Through put rates
  • Debottlenecking
  • Availability
  • Cost Reduction
  • Tailings

Other – Coal Sales, Corporate, Investigations and Processes

  • Sales Contract Negotiations
    Assessment of Mineral Properties
  • Assessment of Development Options
  • Employment of Personnel
  • Enterprise Agreement Negotiation
  • Strategic HR

A pretty good view from this worksite!

Agreement to extend Thermal Coal Sales Contract with HEPCO negotiated whilst in Japan supporting Marketing Manager.

About the Firm

OIP Pty Ltd has a flat rate initial value add identification reviews to minimise the outgoings risk for clients.

Initial Review – $9,999 plus gst (average 5 day/max 7 day inclusive of written report with photos)

Safety Incident Investigation Flat rate – $4,999 plus gst (3 days inclusive of written report with photos)

Ongoing work is charged at a negotiated proportionate hourly rate consistent with the Flat Rate charges or on a quoted basis with an estimate of total hours and total cost.

Costs are charged as accrued

Administration work is charged at $50/hr for time spent meeting Clients administration requirements.

Travel Time is Flat rate charged $400 Interstate $200 drive in drive out or half hourly rates.

OIP Pty Ltd is online registered with BHP, Anglo American and Ariba.

David O’Rourke awarding the first Expert Coal Mining Competency at Callide Mine

Firm Directors

David O’Rourke

Currently David O’Rourke is the Managing Director of OIP Pty Ltd working on confidential Joint Venture discussions between BHP and a major JV partner. Previously David worked for over 10 years as General Manager and Site Senior Executive at Four Large Coal Mines in Qld and NSW. During this time David was Director of 6 operational subsidiary companies of a major listed mining company. David has lead joint ventures with Mitsui, Posco, Nippon Steel and has lead major customer discussions with NSC, KSC, Tohuku, HEPCO, Toyama, CSEnergy, QAL, CAR, MacGen, Kyushu, BHP Mt Arthur. David has lead 13 EBA negotiations with CFMEU, AMWU and CEPU and has lead community relations with Banana Shire Council, Isaac Shire Council and Muswellbrook Shire Council.

Prior to this David was Mining Manager, CHPP Manager and Highwall Mining Superintendent. He has worked for majors such as BHP, AngloAmerican, RioTinto and Peabody as well as for small companies and has over 30 years experience in the Mining Industry. He is qualified in Mechanical Engineering, GeoScience (Mineral Economics), Surface Operations Management, Mining and Mineral Engineering and Management (Frontline Leadership). David has statutory qualifications in Site Senior Executive, Supervision, Safety Systems and Risk Management Systems. David has completed courses in Quality Management, Environmental Auditing Mediation and Continuous Improvement.

David O’Rourke and Members of the BMA Norwich Park Management team at a customer presentation night for POSCO.

Congratulatory letter from Dawson Joint Venture Partner after difficult and successful EBA Negotiations.

Anne O’Rourke

Anne holds a Bachelor of Civil Engineering and is a Director of the Company.

Additional Consultants

Additional consultants are sourced on an as needs basis depending on the size and nature of the job from a range of highly skilled professionals.

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